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Life Without Social Media

There is a growing trend and I think it’s a good one. The reality is like many things in it’s beginning social media was good. Now it has turned into a total nightmare. Just think of all the damage it has done. One of the biggest issues is that with all of the social media garbage in people’s lives many people have lost the art of simple conversation. It’s not just the younger folks for there are as many ” adults” that have the same problem. The fact is at the start of each day we think we have 86,000 seconds ( unless your demise happens) the problem in many ways self inflicted. Then you have companies like Kroger that allow their employees to look at their electrical devices while they are supposed to be working! Life is complicated enough without added garbage like social media in our lives.

I’ll Do It Tomorrow

How many times have we all said ” we will do that tomorrow”? The truth is tomorrow never does come and you are not promised one more breath. As I type each letter it may be my last one and I have no way of knowing that. I could have a variety of things happen that leads to my heart stopping. By the way we all die from the same thing. Our hearts stop beating. Now there is a never ending list to what may cause it to stop but in the end it will. We all get wrapped up in our daily activities and forget to stop and give this thing called life a second thought. Well from the time you take your first breath until you take your last it’s one big race. So we spend so much of time being obsessed about the latest and greatest thing to come along and for what? When your tomorrow truly never comes you will be the last one to know!

Men No Means No Period!

In a world in which sex sells just about everything it’s no surprise that women have to deal with unwanted sexual advances. In one for or another this has taken place since the beginning of time. It wasn’t right then and it’s not right now.

There is never any justification for man or a woman ( yes there are women who do) to force themselves sexually or any other way on any other human being.

A real man never has to feel the need to force himself on a woman just because his little toy is all excited. That little toy is used for another purpose a lot more often than for sexual pleasure. While thinking about this topic it reminded me of being awaken by my sister decades ago and she was all in tears. What had happened was she had gone out with some friends and she had on a pair of jeans that were pretty much painted on her backside and some guy tried something. She didn’t like my response which was ” he shouldn’t have done it but when you walk out the door like that some guy may very well try something” In no way do I justify what he had done but there did need some accountability on her behalf. In many ways our culture has become so crass towards everything that those who are truly abuse get ignored. When accusations get made once they get made they are out there forever. When unfounded accusations are made people’s reputations and careers are ruined. Although not the same but the parallel can be made.

Former U.S. Labor Secretary Ray Donovan under President Ronald had been charged on numerous criminal acts for which he was found completely innocent. The government case was so weak that the defense never called one witness. His famous quote is as follows: “Which office do I go to get my reputation back?”

Men when you force yourself on a woman you pretty much are saying my few seconds of physical pleasure are worth damaging another human being forever?!

Then there is only one question left, Is it really worth it?

Being Around Negative People Is A Choice

I have heard through the years people complain about how negative people in their lives is so draining. There is a solution to that. Kick them out of your life! You have a choice if you want negative people in your life or not. Keep in mind that to some degree you are stuck with family but friends choose to be in your life. Of course you have the right to decide you have in yours. I was once told by a surgeon that I needed to get negative people out of my life yesterday! You don’t walk up to people and tell them to ” hit the road” out of your life! There is a gentle way to do that over time. I know there are those who are blunt and tell people to get out but is that approach necessary? Remember regrets can be difficult to live with for a very long time. I know in my current situation life is tough enough without having a bunch of negative people in it. Negative people in your life is a choice and only you can decide if you want to continue to have them be a part of it?