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Are You Going To Be True To Your True Feelings?

Feelings are something that are in many ways unique to the human experience. They come and go and sometimes you seem to have two different feelings at the same time. The biology behind that makes it perfectly clear that it is not possible to have two thoughts at the same time. The difficult part is to decipher which ones are real and which ones are fake. In a world in which we are taught to hide our feelings it’s tough. We often are so afraid to follow feelings because of what the ramifications that may take place. In the end it comes down to one basic question.  Is that fear greater than you taking the risk of being true to yourself?

Following Your Heart

There are times in everyone’s life that people struggle with what they are feeling emotional torn by fear. It can be scary to have feelings towards someone else so much your feel like your heart is wanting to come flying out of your chest. The thing is you have to try and figure out how to deal with these feelings. If you can’t you have to decide if the risk of losing everything you have in order to follow your heart knowing very well the price you may pay. Following your heart can be a dangerous thing but not doing so could lead you to a lifetime of regrets.