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Can You Stop Questioning God?

As mere mortals we think we can handle anything that comes our way. Then God steps in and turns our lives upside down and our mortal mind takes a sudden u-turn! Yet when mere mortals give us advice we are quick to take their wisdom at face value! When God does the same thing we are quick to question his wisdom? The reason? God looks at the big picture that is your life while mere mortal brains can only see the here and now!

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Hey God Why Now?

As humans it is in our nature to question everything. I am as guilty of it as anyone. In my small limited brain I have this need to know why things are happening at this moment. Here is a little secret. God knows and he hears these kinds of questions every nano second every day and frankly decides if he answers the question or not? The hard fact is the world works on his time and not ours. As big and physically strong I am there are certain things I can’t control and God’s timetable doesn’t work the same as mine. That lesson I learned over 11 years ago as I stood by my dying fathers beside and he said to me ” I’m dying son”. At that moment it hit that God is in control of this show and not me. As I help guide my wife to her final resting place I ask that question of God often. Hey God Why Now?

I’ll Do It Tomorrow

How many times have we all said ” we will do that tomorrow”? The truth is tomorrow never does come and you are not promised one more breath. As I type each letter it may be my last one and I have no way of knowing that. I could have a variety of things happen that leads to my heart stopping. By the way we all die from the same thing. Our hearts stop beating. Now there is a never ending list to what may cause it to stop but in the end it will. We all get wrapped up in our daily activities and forget to stop and give this thing called life a second thought. Well from the time you take your first breath until you take your last it’s one big race. So we spend so much of time being obsessed about the latest and greatest thing to come along and for what? When your tomorrow truly never comes you will be the last one to know!