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Your Nearest Landfill Is Awaiting Your Cherished Stuff!

Former President Bill Clinton one day was quoted as saying ” for a generation that fought the establishment we have become the most materialistic culture in human history”. The sad truth is that he was right and it’s only getting worse. The reality is that for all of the time,pressure and money people put on themselves about getting the new best thing in the end all of that stuff will wind up in a landfill someplace. It will just rot away. Just look around at your daily life. How many items do you have in your home that just sits someplace and never gets used? I suspect for most of us that number is pretty high. These things also represent what your priorities you have in your life. Look around just think how much stuff you will be sending to your nearest landfill one day?

Storms of Life Are Coming Your Way

Here is on sure thing about life and that is you will have storms come into your life. It’s just a question of when they happen and how bad they become. These often happen when you least expect it. Your life is moving right along then your life gets hit with a sudden loud clap of thunder. As we age very often these storms are related to health issues. It’s just a reality of life especially when it comes to aging parents. As the saying goes ” none of us are getting out alive”. So storms are coming and that begs this question? Are you prepared for the storm that is coming? The key is to be prepared ahead of time.

Filling Our Hearts Voids Of Life

If we were totally honest with ourselves there is something that our emotional hearts are missing. You see there are dirty little secrets that we all carry deep inside and would deny them to the bitter end. In reality we are humans and with that comes certain desires and needs and there is nothing wrong with that.

Caregivers are pretty close to the top of  list in hiding their needs and desires. It really isn’t about sex it’s about sharing time with another person that you can just be yourself and they don’t sit in judgement of you. There is an old Statler Brothers song called

” Different Things To Different People”. The tag line talks about being so many different things to so many people and this question is ask? Can I just be me to you? It’s an issue that caregivers deal with on a regular basis. You give so much time and energy to the person you love your needs get buried. It’s just a harsh reality.  As I have often said  it’s the small stuff I miss and not the big stuff. The big stuff although more serious to deal with in someways easier.

So yes I do have a heart full of voids and the thing is I don’t know how to fill those?

Life Is A Unique Journey

The last couple of weeks life has hit me pretty good. Being told that medically you can’t be doing things that you have done for decades is tough. It’s what I have known for as long as I can remember however the risk are simply too great. It is also a case of looking at your on mortality in a much more serious way. We all hear of people who are much younger that just drop dead for no apparent reason. Yet we continue to fret over things that really do not matter. The older we get of course we get the privilege of dealing with aging parents etc. Isn’t life grand?

I do wonder what I should do next? The only thing I do know for sure is sitting around complaining about this change isn’t going to help!