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Wanting To Help So Much That Your Heart Hurts

Sometimes in life things and situations happen that you never expected. There are people who come into your life that make you want to do anything to help them. They are such special people and not being to help them makes your heart hurt in an unexpected way. Experience tells you that it will pass but that doesn’t make the pain any less.

Words Are Cheap While Actions Speak Volumes

We have all heard the saying that goes ” actions speak louder than words”. That is a saying that gets repeated so often that in many ways it has lost it’s meaning. There are words that convey actions but those can be hollow. Actions on the other had can say more about a person than every word ever written. The thing is there is this notion that actions have to be some big grand act when in reality it’s the small actions that can have the most meaning. You see when we are interacting with someone there is one true fact. That fact is that we really have no idea what someone truly is dealing with in their lives? Not one person on this planet has the same DNA or life experiences. One of the truly sad things that has happened is that often members of the opposite sex are afraid to reach out a helping hand in fear that they may be accused of something! That is so sad and it’s only getting worse. So people are forced to pause a second to calculate if their actions could be misconstrued? Actions can have unexpected consequences but taking that risk may be just the help that person needs.

Life's Full Circle And The Arts

I grew up in a major northern city where the arts where a very prominent part of it. My mother to her credit showed myself and my siblings all forms of art and music and then let us decide which ones we liked. Mine have always been art and symphonies with a little bit of big bands thrown in there. Well when I moved 300 miles away that all changed and those things got pushed aside for over the next 20 plus years. Then something totally unexpected happen. While walking a mall several weeks back I noticed a woman who had some of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen. I would love to show all of you some of her work but I have not gotten her permission to do so and I would never want to disrespect her in that way. At some point I might ask her for her permission? She is so very talented anything I can do to help her I will. I don’t know why this is happening but all I know that there is something deep inside that say’s for me to trust this woman so I will.