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The Arts Should Be Protected

Through the years when school districts look at ways to cut spending near the top of those cuts are programs for the arts. Which is backwards to say the least. While the claim is made that (while trying to make sound monetary decisions) the cutting of school art classes will make students more well rounded. Think about that for a second. It makes no sense at all. In school district budgets there are plenty of places to cut but art classes should not be one of them!

Life's Full Circle And The Arts

I grew up in a major northern city where the arts where a very prominent part of it. My mother to her credit showed myself and my siblings all forms of art and music and then let us decide which ones we liked. Mine have always been art and symphonies with a little bit of big bands thrown in there. Well when I moved 300 miles away that all changed and those things got pushed aside for over the next 20 plus years. Then something totally unexpected happen. While walking a mall several weeks back I noticed a woman who had some of the most beautiful paintings I have ever seen. I would love to show all of you some of her work but I have not gotten her permission to do so and I would never want to disrespect her in that way. At some point I might ask her for her permission? She is so very talented anything I can do to help her I will. I don’t know why this is happening but all I know that there is something deep inside that say’s for me to trust this woman so I will.

Life Without Social Media

There is a growing trend and I think it’s a good one. The reality is like many things in it’s beginning social media was good. Now it has turned into a total nightmare. Just think of all the damage it has done. One of the biggest issues is that with all of the social media garbage in people’s lives many people have lost the art of simple conversation. It’s not just the younger folks for there are as many ” adults” that have the same problem. The fact is at the start of each day we think we have 86,000 seconds ( unless your demise happens) the problem in many ways self inflicted. Then you have companies like Kroger that allow their employees to look at their electrical devices while they are supposed to be working! Life is complicated enough without added garbage like social media in our lives.

Following Your Heart Can Be So Scary

In a world that has so many rules and norms people fall into a state of a listless life. As we all age we often find ourselves in relationships and simply see no way out. Then of course the idea of living life alone is petrifying so we stay in relationships because we feel we have no choice. Then without warning someone enters your life and your heart feels different than it has in decades. Then comes the question of how you deal with these feelings? It is scary and there is an eternal struggle that you hide deep inside of your soul. If you decide to follow those feelings your life will never be the same again. So proceed with caution but in the end you only have one life to live.