Ladies Clicking On Here Is Safe For You!

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In the past few days as I contemplated starting a new blog I was greatly influenced by some recent interactions with different women. These are women who are obviously bright, intelligent and smart and yet it was obvious that they needed someone to let them know that there is nothing that they can’t do. So often women in our culture feel so much pressure to look, do and think a certain way. It’s unfair and frankly many women have had their spirits crushed time and time again and for what? What has been gained by this constant pressure day and night to be ” perfect”? I contend that nothing but harm has been gained. We live in a culture that if one sex reaches out to help another there is this assumption that there must be a motive of some kind. As I said to a talented woman today I don’t have time for motives. Time is the most precious thing any of us have. When someone offers their time they are offering the most precious thing they have and by doing so they are saying you as a person are worth it! So ladies never feel like when you click on my blog that you have to worry about being hit with all that garbage that many people put on blogs. As I said to that same woman today ” she will never have to worry about clicking on this blog”. I gave her my word on that and I have every intention of keeping it!

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