Going Back To My Church Home…….

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As life’s events can cause many changes in your life often your spiritual life can take a pounding. Over 4 years ago I had one of those events. It blew up my world like nothing else had ever done. Over time and circumstances my church attendance pretty much stopped and I would make excuses about not going. There were those that most would consider legitimate reasons. Then there are those that simply were Satan using every tactic to keep me away. I would drive by my church on a regular basis and never stopped. Then something happened about 2 weeks ago.

I did finally did stop by and as I stood in the sanctuary all alone so many memories came rushing through which frankly surprised me. I sensed God was saying ” it’s time to come home”. It is time and I have returned back home. The thing I can ponder all I want about why this happened but in the end it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is I am back home and it feels right.

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