Being Around Negative People Is A Choice

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I have heard through the years people complain about how negative people in their lives is so draining. There is a solution to that. Kick them out of your life! You have a choice if you want negative people in your life or not. Keep in mind that to some degree you are stuck with family but friends choose to be in your life. Of course you have the right to decide you have in yours. I was once told by a surgeon that I needed to get negative people out of my life yesterday! You don’t walk up to people and tell them to ” hit the road” out of your life! There is a gentle way to do that over time. I know there are those who are blunt and tell people to get out but is that approach necessary? Remember regrets can be difficult to live with for a very long time. I know in my current situation life is tough enough without having a bunch of negative people in it. Negative people in your life is a choice and only you can decide if you want to continue to have them be a part of it?

1 comments on “Being Around Negative People Is A Choice”

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