Month: December 2019

Angles Among Us When You Least Expect It!

There are times when life really beats you down and despair hits and you get into this vicious cycle. Then someone comes into your life and it’s like are a emotional life raft. They are truly angels and this song by Alabama says it best. You could be someone’s angel today and might not even know it!

We Need Each Other

As we go through our lives we often think that we have everything under control. The problem is no matter how we want to fool ourselves the truth we don’t. Even a bigger fallacy is we convince ourselves is that others believe our public face. After returning to college after many years my first professor’s favorite saying was ” there are no solo’s”. Her point being that in college their is no way to get through without help from others. The same is true about other area’s of our lives.

We truly do need each other and as the years pass by and so many don’t have others to lean on it becomes more and more apparent.

Holidays And Mental Health

As another United States holiday is upon us there are these broad assumptions that everyone have friends and family in which to celebrate. That is nowhere near the truth. These kinds of holidays can cause people to go off the emotional deep end and no one notices. Why is this happening?

To start with we live in a very fractured culture every other day of the year so why would a holiday be any different? In many ways it gets exacerbated. It forces people to focus on what they don’t have and they easily through the year can push those feelings aside but come a holiday they look into a mirror that shows them their stark reality.

Always remember that what you see on the outside of a person is not what is really going on in their heart and soul. There is simply no way to truly understand what someone else is going through.