Day: August 29, 2019

God’s Plan And Two Infants 600 Miles And A Decade Apart

For those of you who do not believe that God has his own plan I feel sorry for you but that premise is wrong. An example of this is there were 2 infants born about 600 miles and a decade apart. Of course at the time of their births there was no way that either family could possibly have known or imaged that these 2 infants would become husband and wife one day. That meeting was started by an add in a christian paper ( long before e-harmony). There were these things called letters that you had to actually. That was over 22 years ago and the 10 year age gap was really never an issue. Well now one is in failing health and the plans have been made for when that horrible day comes one will be left behind while the other gets to spend eternity with Our Lord and Saviour.