Faith Is Your Life Ready For The Valley?

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We often hear that many people are people of faith which of course it is an easy thing to say. Here comes the hitch in that belief. When things are going good it’s easy to have faith. The hard part comes when you hit a major valley in your life. It is just a matter of time when the bottom of your life comes tumbling down. That could happen 2 seconds from now or several years from now. There is simply no way of knowing when that valley will come and the time to get your faith life in order was about 10 seconds ago! I know for me mine hit about 4 years ago and what I came to understand was that all the garbage I had gone through prepared me for that moment at that second. The thing is I understand that any garbage I am going through now is preparing me for the next valley. The thing is the next valley will so much deeper that the one 4 years ago! It will be so deep that my soul will be ripped into a million pieces! The other thing is that you can’t live in fear of that next valley. You simply can’t and if you do your life will be a mess. You have to stop and and smell the roses along the way and find the ability to laugh even when you are in that valley.

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