Core Belief System You Better Have One Before The World Hits You In The Face

In a conversation with a bright and delightful woman today the subject of core values came up in regards to when things reach critical mass. When that happens is NOT the time to be looking for yours! A core value system is something that can take decades to develop. Much of it is based on what your belief system may or may not before that before critical mass hits. One of the things that complicates things is when you don’t have one and the critical mass hits those around you have no idea how you will react. For those few close to me know that is not an issue! I am not in a popularity contest when it comes to making tough decisions. I make them and simply move on! One of the big mistakes people make is they go back and second guess themselves repeatedly. That brings up the following question? Why? Nothing you do at that point will change the decision you had made previously. It’s important to understand that you and you alone are the only person on this planet of some 7 billion that have the same life experience and DNA that you do. You are uniquely you and only you can decide what core belief system you have.

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