Caregivers And Feeling Alone

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When most people think of caregivers they have some “traditional” concept which very often is wrong. Having fought this fight for around 4 years now ( and all those people who said they would help being long gone) there is one thing that gets to be more and more of an issue. That issue is simply having contact with another woman. I am not talking about having an affair but just someone who will listen that doesn’t have an agenda. The fact is we never thought my wife would still be here and would have died a long time ago. It is a miracle she is and that is a great thing. As a human being we all have needs and desires. My late father started talking to a woman he had dated in high school but my grandmother had run her off. Decades later the came back together. He always said that all she would do is listen and not sit in judgement of him. I didn’t understand it then but some decades later I do. My wife has said to me that she hopes a woman will come into my life that will treat me as well as I have treated her. Will that happen? I have no idea. I do know that this constant feeling of being alone is no fun at all.

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