In The Next 24 Hours A Conversation Will Change Your Life Forever

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There are those times in life that you know a conversation will take place in the next 24 hours that will change your life forever. Here’s the rub. We are all guilty of projection of what is going to happen and the reality is it never turns out the way we thought. It just doesn’t and in ways that is probably a good thing. If nothing else life would get really boring real quick if things were like that. I face one of those conversations tomorrow and will not lose one wink of sleep worrying about it. Experience has taught me that getting all panicky over such stuff really is counter productive. I think the biggest mistake people make when these things are coming up is that they change their routine.

As humans by nature we are creatures of habit and when we start playing around with those habits things can get crazy real quick. Another mistake people make is that just before bedtime they watch things that are scary in one way or another. Not me. I always try and listen to something positive and that does help!

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