Attitude And Faith Are Choices You Make

There are a few certain things about life that are undeniable. You will have good things as well as bad happen. That is simply called this mystery we call life. It’s easy going through life when things are great but always in the back of your mind you know something bad will happen at some point. At that point it comes down to your attitude about life and your faith. If you don’t have some sort of faith then you will wander in no man’s land.

A positive attitude is something gets developed over time. Part of the process are the choices you make about who is in your life. As the saying goes ” you are stuck with family but your friends pick you”. When a major health issue hit my wife her doctor said to me that I needed to get negative people out of my life yesterday and he was right. Some of these people I had known for years but upon reflection they were emotionally draining me. Don’t get me wrong because it’s not easy. It does take a certain amount of intestinal fortitude to make the needed changes. The alternative is to keep doing what you have been doing and expecting different results. One of the things that you must keep in mind is that the only person you spend your entire with is you.

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