Would People Just Grow Up?

As I tried to watch some of the cable news shows within the last few days one thing became clear. These folks need to grow up regardless of age,race or sexual orientation. I do think those folks do need to go take a class on what the constitution says and not their warped interpretation might be. If they would actually do that they might wake up and stop lying to fit their own political views. There are hot button topics that both sides use to scare their political base.

The democrats use Roe v. Wade and the republicans use the 2nd amendment. The truth is the 2nd amendment is going anywhere anytime soon. In order to do that you would have to go in and change the constitution. Good luck on that one! When it comes to Roe v. Wade that in ways is more complicated. There are scholars who have believed that Roe should have never been heard by the Supreme Court in the first place. The odds are very slim that the Supreme Court will just throw it all away. Those who are is the business of knowing what the high court will decide are smoking something. There is a long and storied list of Presidents who were not happy with people they appointed to the Supreme Court. Lifetime appointments to federal court judges was one of the founding fathers best decisions. Always remember they were concerned about tyranny by the majority against the minorities.

What is really sad is that I know of professional mental health professionals who are not telling their clients to limit the amount of time they watch cable news and to treat it like war coverage and that is truly sad.

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