The Other Side Of Sexual Abuse

Let me say upfront that by and large the mental health community doesn’t like what I know to be true. The reason is for many they are content with the way things are and have been for way to long. Which in itself is a crime.

Sexual abuse is a term that gets thrown around way to often without any facts to back up and claims be them false or not.

So what is ” The Other Side of Sexual Abuse”? It is a place where you can learn to laugh again and allow others inside both physically and emotionally and feel safe. Let me make this clear and a point I cannot stress enough.

There are no shortcuts and you have to decide if you want to play the victim or not? That decision is yours and yours alone!

Let me take a step back and let you get into my story some. I was raised in a major northern city in the 1960’s and that was surely a time and place that these kinds of issues were never talked about in anyway shape or form. It happened by an uncle for about 8 years. The damage it did changed me in ways that it took about 30 years to figure it out because I never talked about it. That was simply the way things were not handled. So it took me changing cities and getting married before I decide to try and figure out what was going on. My wife had tried to get me help but I refused. Then came that night after I had punched a couple of holes in a wall that I sat on the bottom step coming from the bedrooms and said to her ” I can’t live like this anymore”. So we got me going to a counselor and one of the first question was as follows ” do you want me to help you deal with the anger or do you want to try and figure out what is the cause behind it?” I figure the latter would be best. What I didn’t realize it would take over 4 years to work through it all. Was it worth it? Yes. Would I still be alive if I hadn’t? No. I am not a big proponent of digging back to each individual time something happened. I don’t see those exercises terribly productive.

When I look back at it now I must always consider when telling this story that I have been dealing with these issues for a very long time and have the scars to prove it. Others don’t have that and I am extremely fortunate to have a wife that I can talk to about it. The vast majority of people don’t and that is an area that the mental health establishment has failed miserably.

So come on over to the other side of sexual abuse the journey will be brutal but once you are there things are pretty good.

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