My Personal Physical health And How I deal With It

The older we get the more physical health issues crop it. Growing old is not fun. I have to chuckle when younger people lament the fact that they are not older. News flash! Yes you can wait because the time comes there is no going back.

Earlier in the week I had a test done to try and figure out something. We ( my wife and I) figured it would reveal something that could be easily fix. When the call came on late Tuesday afternoon from my doctor’s office with the test results it was discovered that things are much worse than what we had hoped. This is serious stuff with the potential for life altering events. So this question pops up. What is the next step?

The first thing is to gather more information so a a rational decision can be made. You never want to make important decision when you are tired unless absolutely necessary and take a deep breath. You also need to make sure that the business side of your relationship is in order.

In the end you gather all the information that you feel you need and make that decision. I know when that is made in the next few days there is no turning back. Once the correct path is decided upon you simply move on. It’s really that simple.

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