If The Founding Fathers Came Back Today what Would they Think?

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If the founding fathers came back today it’s fascinating to ponder what they would think?

I think the first thing that would surprise them is the size and magnitude of the central government. Along with the fact that people have turned their positions in Congress into lengthy careers. That was never their intent. They wanted people to come serve for a few years and then go back home! You see nowhere in the constitution are political parties mentioned. There was however the understanding that people with the same kinds of thoughts would get together.

Another thing that would surprise them how states rights have been ran over. The 10th amendment of the United States Constitution basically says that any power that is not given to the federal government is given to the people or the states. Being a states rights person this is a big one for me. The less centralized national government the better.

There is a saying that goes ” the two most misinterpreted things in the world are the United States Constitution and the Holy Bible”. I hear say things about what they think the constitution says and wonder where they got that from?

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