Depression And The Decision To Go Public

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Several years ago I received a phone call asking if I would do a interview with a major newspaper about my depression. Without much thought I said “ok”. It was a quick decision but it was also the right one. I knew when I did it my “secret” was going to be plastered on the internet forever! Today I went back and looked at it and what struck me was how much hasn’t changed in many regards to the mental health establishment. It’s the same old stuff and people are dying. I have a standing offer with these folks to talk about this stuff in public but none of them will take me up on it. I know the reason why and that reason is I won’t hold anything back. I will talk about all of it which includes the good,the bad and the ugly. I have not been a saint about this stuff and I am responsible for my actions. Of course now I have 5 decades of experience to rely on to get me through the tough times. The vast majority of folks don’t. How many more people are going to have to die before these clowns realize that the most important number is getting people the help they need is 1. It’s really that simple! You can have all the marketing plans you want but it still comes down to the number 1. It was the right decision then and it would be the right decision now.

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