Walking in Someone Else’s Shoes

People often talk about walking is someone else’s like they truly understand. They don’t because they can’t know all the finer things that make another person tick.

Take me for example. If you would see me ( the reason people don’t is because there are very few pictures of me) they could easily come to the conclusion that my life is relatively mundane and they would be nowhere close to the truth. The reality is my life is an extremely complicated place on many levels. It’s really serious stuff all day every day and that’s ok. Sure it would be nice sometimes to take my foot off the gas of my life. The thing is it’s just not possible and part of growing old is that you learn to accept things that you may not like. The alternative is so horrendous because my life would get shattered into about 10 billion pieces.

So be careful about walking in someone else’s shoes because you have no idea as to what is really going on in their lives.

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