What Does That Mean In Real Terms?

As we go through life we repeatedly hear things over and over and never give them a second thought. So I have put together a list of things or phrases and thougts that really makes one wonder.

1.) closure

2.) great in bed ( is there a checklist somewhere on that one?)

3.) A phone call when someone asked you ” what are you doing?” My sister asked me that early one morning and my response was ” I was making out with someone but I decided to stop so I could talk to you”

4.) When someone has just lost a loved one and someone asked them how are they feeling.

4.) Crime shows in which the victim is always treated like they were some great person of virtue.

5.) I know how how you feel? Unless you have the exact same dna and life experiences you don’t

6.) When a t.v. show says something is “live” as opposed to dead.

7.) the word ” don’t”

8.) Those who clam they can predict the future!

9.) Young married men that think they are in charge!

10.) Married men who are dumb enough to try to get between their wife and her hair dresser. ( that is called a rookie mistake)


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