The Reality Of Living Far Away From Loved Ones

As I look ahead to the upcoming week and what events that are awaiting me the biggest one is my mothers birthday and i will be around 300 miles away. Will this be her last birthday? Of course there is no way of knowing for sure but I suspect it will. When she lost her husband ( my stepfather who was a great man) a few months back she was in the hospital. We talk on a regular basis but it’s still not the same thing as me being there. The odds are I will never see her again dead or alive. As difficult as that reality is my first obligation is to my wife and her well being.

A few years back in a e-mail chat with one of my cousins who was contemplating moving from St. Louis to Jacksonville I made it very clear to her that the single biggest price you pay for being so far away is that when your parents have health issues you can’t be there. It is really that simple but also complicated. In the end for me it comes down to whose name is on my marriage certificate and my mother’s is not. That doesn’t mean it won’t be tough because it will be and I will get through it.

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