Fancy Cars And Homes Final Resting Place

Many people have fancy cars and homes which makes them happy they claim. As the saying goes ” life is not a race to see who gets the most stuff”. Former President Bill Clinton several years ago made a statement which was ” for a generation who fought the establishment we have become the most materialistic country in human history”. Myself and the former president probably don’t agree on much but on this point he is right.

We are all bombarded with constant pressure to buy the newest better thing and it’s difficult to say no.

Then it makes one wonder what went wrong? There were some basic changes in the culture that led to so much isolation and the need to fill those voids. The first thing that started things down this path was the interstate highway system which led to families being so spread out. Air travel has given people the ability to travel great distances in a relatively short time. Consumer electronics has led to more isolation. Of then there is the issue of television and the internet. You add those things up and it’s pretty easy to figure out why this happened. So here is where your fancy stuff is going to find it’s final resting place. Is this what you want your legacy to be?

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