Eastern Tennessee And Eastern Missouri And The Marriage Of Two People

On a warm summer day in eastern tennessee a child was born. ( no not that child) Some 10 years later another child was born on a cold winter’s day in eastern missouri. ( definitely not the child!) While one was already on their life’s journey the other was just starting theirs. Some 37 years later these worlds would come together in ways that could never be expected. While one was going through college, getting married the other was just trying to make their way through a world in which they were never comfortable. As the years these 2 worlds were slowing coming together yet neither knew the other one was even on this planet. One had moved to another city some 300 miles from their hometowns while the other just fought through life. Finally one got divorced and the other had pretty much had come the realization that they would never get married. What changed? God intervened.

As one of them was walking out of a christian bookstore they saw a singles newspaper. (yes folks that was long before e-harmony) They were working nights alone and was looking for something to read. This person on a whim decided to answer some of the ads. One person wrote back and said because of the age difference they didn’t think it would work. That lasted a few weeks and then a letter appeared with a request that they start writing again. So they did. One had to physically move so it was the one from eastern missouri who did. They were married about 6 months later and as they say “the rest is history”. Well the final chapter of this love story started a few years back with one standing by the others hospital bedside thinking the end was near. In truthfulness it should have been. So they cherish each other each day and fully understand how this story ends when God intervenes again.

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