The One You Secretly Never Let Go Of Emotionally

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As we go through the dating years of our youth and into our twenties relationships come and go and we think our world is going to come to an end. Then of course after the pain comes your next love and this cycle can be repeated over and over again. As you go through your life’s journey for many marriage, ( to someone else) children and career are what comes next. What many fail to tell others that in their quiet times there is that one lost love that you carry deep inside your heart. That doesn’t mean that you are miserable in your current life but that one person and what may have happened to them seems to take you emotionally to a safe place. It was a time when your life was probably much less complicated and you easily caved into peer pressure. For all you know that person could have turned into a criminal or a saint but more than likely they became something in between. They could have died decades ago and you would never know. So much that goes on in the human brain is filled with secrets and believing in a world population of over 7 billion people you are the only one that is having these thoughts. I hate to burst your bubble but your not. We also have a tendency to remember fondly of those that were kind to us. Secrets can be a dangerous thing but they can also be comforting.

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