Living With A Medical Miracle

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I live with a medical miracle and yet we still fuss at each other from time to time which is a good thing. Now that may sound strange but when you have been married a very long time there are those times when you look at your spouse and think ” what was I thinking that day?”. As a close friend of mine has said about it ” if we don’t fuss at each other then there is a problem”. If you live in the same house there will be those times and it’s called life. Yet there there is an understanding with what we have gone through that there will come a time when we won’t be able to fuss and each other and that will be awful.

The harsh facts are that there is no medical reason why I still have my spouse on this side of the sod. I have access to some of the finest medical professionals around and there is nothing none of those people can do to help and that is frustrating all into itself. So what is it like to live with a medical miracle? Scary because you know that one day that miracle will end.

1 comments on “Living With A Medical Miracle”

  1. I’m the miracle in our family–was even coded after the last surgery, which was supposed to be “routine.” The nurse told us she’d never had a patient with such low oxygen levels walk out of the hospital. We just thank God for the days we still have together, and have noticed that these hard ones begin to clothe us in humbleness.


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