An Old Man’s 21,751 Days

As I reflect on the  21,751 days I have been on this earth it’s been full of surprises some sad, some good, some great but mostly mundane. It all started on a cold december morning some 59 years ago. Little did my parents or I know the journey that lie ahead. We certainly had no idea that I would get married to someone who is about 10 years older and a different state away. The move from my hometown really wasn’t a tough decision for me. It was time to go and the love of my life was awaiting and frankly if I would have stayed in my hometown I would have been dead years ago. There have been regrets and there are things that I would change if I could but the reality is those days are long gone. I would love to go back and tell certain people how sorry I am for the way I behaved. Do I have another 21, 751 days more left in this life? The odds are slim to none that will take place. My life’s experience has taught me to take it second by second because none of us know when that number of days we count will come to an end.

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