What A Real Man Needs

There is the misconception of what a real man needs in a relationship and it’s not what the above picture portrays. That is not to say that physical attraction is not important in a relationship but it’s far from the only thing. Let’s be honest about it no matter how passionate a relationship can be most of the time is spent in other activities and those activities and adventures that long lasting relationships are built. Ladies as men we are pretty simple creatures at heart. Here are the 2 things that matter most to a real man,

1.) That he feels appreciated.

2.) That you always have his back

The second part in many ways is the most important. That is not to say that you will not have differences in your relationship because you will. The thing is when you are in public don’t embarrass him or yourself. You deal with any issues behind closed doors. We have all seen couples that argue in public and for what purpose? The scary part about that is they conduct themselves like that in public it’s easy to imagine what goes on behind their close doors?

As a man part of my responsibility is to make sure my wife feels safe and secure at all times not just some of the time.

Ladies always keep one thing in mind the man you call your husband carries one fear so deep that he will hardly ever talk about it and that fear is losing you! He is petrified by it so much that he even tries to fool himself.

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