Skill Sets What’s Yours?

The topic of skill sets in my life goes back to a Facebook exchange my younger sister and I had in which she informed me that I didn’t have the skill set to be her brother and a part of her life. What does that mean? Who knows? It has become somewhat of a joke through the years. I don’t know if there is a place where you go to take a test to qualify as her brother? So we haven’t communicated since and that is sad. I also have no communication with my older brother and that too is sad.

What are skill sets anyway? That question is open to some interpretation depending on your life experiences and they vary and change through the years. It is necessary that they do change because if they didn’t you would not be able to handle the different dynamics in your life. Just take a second and look back at your life and what you will discover is that in your current situation you did not have the skill set to handle them decades ago. It took years of being beat up by life to get you to this point. The tricky thing is as your skill set changes how do you incorporate your new set of skills?

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