What’s In Your Camera Roll Of Life?


Most of my post are self created then there are those that come from and outside source. This one comes from a blogger with a long and wonderful blog that goes back a very long time. (I would never mention another blog without that bloggers permission )

So with that in mind her blog got me thinking about what is someone’s camera roll of life? ( I know dangerous)

Everyone’s camera roll of life starts the moment of conception and continues to the day they take their last breath. Of course for the first several months as you develop into that special and unique person you will become you have no control over. Then that big day comes and you enter this world kicking and screaming demanding to go back to that place in which you felt warm and safe. Ironically in the end you pretty much do the same thing. It’s the part in the middle that really develops your camera roll of your life and that roll is unique to you and only you.

You see the only person you spend your entire life with is you. The thing is about 90 to 95 percent of people who enter your life are just passing through. At that time in your life they may be very vital and you are eternally grateful for them but life moves on. You also need to understand that the same goes for you in their lives. You are just passing through. Yet even with that they are contributing to your camera roll of life.

One of the amazing things about your camera roll is that over time and other life experiences you often have a different perspective on what was put on your camera roll years ago.

You see, you very often see your camera roll in vivid colors but in reality there are many grey places.

2 comments on “What’s In Your Camera Roll Of Life?”

  1. Oh I LOVE this! I thought when you referenced this you were going to include pictures but this is so much better! Thanks for taking the camera roll reference even farther. Lots of things to think about in your post! Thanks!


    1. No problem. I have this knack for taking a different spin on things. When I saw your post I visualize what forms the camera roll could take? Life in many ways is one big camera roll.

      Liked by 1 person

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