A Stepfathers Journey

With fathers day coming in the next day or so there is a different kind of father. These men have decided to become stepfathers. I did that over 20 years ago. I could have never projected the twist and turns this journey would take. One of the keys to having any short a being a good stepfather is to clearly understand that no matter what has gone on between your new wife and her children they are still blood and you will never be that. It’s also important to understand that there are going to be times that you simply mess things up! it’s important to listen and to pick your spots when to intervene. Recently I did just that after years of hearing different versions of the same situation that was never going to get resolved unless something major took place. So I did it and a big part of that decision was that I was simply tired of hearing about it. I know there are countless books on how to be a good stepfather but the reality is that you kind of learn as you go. Now when I look back at things I could have done better with my stepdaughter. I also understand that my relationship with her will never be real close. Being a stepfather you do things that you really didn’t have to do. Brad Paisley sand a song that is so true.

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