Life is A Dance

Life in many ways one big dance that for some they have 2 left and the reason is because people get too closed minded. Being one of those people who like to ” kick the tires” on something I have found it to be extremely beneficial. The reality is that I don’t have all the answers to a given situation and I think I am smart enough to know what I don’t know. For some though it has to be their way or no way and they wonder why people balk at them. sometimes.

You can stand for your principles but not be a jerk about it. Being raised in a might is right household it took me years and the changing of cities to understand I was trying to fit to a situation that I was never really comfortable. The reason I did drink was because that is what my dad did and I wanted to be close to him. Other than wine at communion I haven’t had a drink in almost 30 years. Life is a dance but sometimes you have to be able to listen to your own tune,

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