Usa Women’s Soccer Team Embarrassed Themselves In 13-0 Victory

Yesterday in the women’s world cup match the between the usa and thailand the final score was 13-0 and the conduct of the women’s team and the commentators was offensive to me and others. These women and their supporters gloating over beating a team that has a population of of a little over 69 million people verse’s a team that comes from a country of over 330 million and that is just part of it. The average income is about $ 800 per month. One of the commenters who spoke up about what had just taken place was ” put in his place” by others on the set”. This kind of thing confirms what many others around the world believe and that is americans are greedy and selfish. One of the commentators said that some of the women had worked so hard to make the team that had not made the team in the previous world cup. So he justified this nonsense. Lets see an american woman soccer player had to work hard but the fact is those women live in the United States and not Thailand! Ironically on ESPN E-60 was a story about how the women’s team was about how they wanted respect equal to what the men’s team gets. Too bad these didn’t show the same respect towards their opponents.

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