Another Caregivers Day Is Here

My morning has started with me being an early morning person It’s amazing how much can get done before the rest of the world wakes up. Yet there is always that constant feeling of impending doom. You see as a caregiver doom is just a part of a caregivers life whether you like it or not. Of course at any second as a caregiver you have to be prepared to move quickly and that those plans need to have been made far in advance because that is not the time to try and find one. That brings up another very important point.

If you do not have a core value system in advance when that second hits and you have to move quickly is not the time to find one. So many walk through life without one and they wonder why they flounder when bad things happen? Another thing that people struggle with is how to make difficult decisions. Here is the formula my late father taught me and it may sound cold but it does make life easier.

When making a tough decision you gather all the information that you deem necessary make the decision and simply move on. In those times you have to realize that you can’t feel like you are in a popularity contest. I know in my current situation I am trying to keep another person on this planet one more day and frankly I wish things were different but they are not and nothing will change that anytime soon.

So another day starts in this ever winding road of being a caregiver and wondering if this will be the day that changes everything?

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