Having A Well Known Spouse In The Medical Profession

Having a well known spouse in the medical profession like many things has it’s good parts and bad. The good part is because of who she is I know that doctors give me more time than with other of their patients. For me I know what is going on and try never to abuse that. The flip side this is the one area of my life my wife has me on a very short leash. I understand the reason why and it’s simply because if I would blow up at some doctor that would get back to the doctor and the company. That could have major ramifications since she has known many of these doctors ( or their parents) a very long time. The other thing is I know things about many of these people that the general public has no idea about. In all of these years I have gone off only one time and that was not to a doctor. For me it’s like walking through minefield. I know in the current medical situation a doctor I have known for over a decade blew me away with something. I saw him recently about a long time health issue. He said he wanted to run a test to see what is going on. That was fine with me and I checked out not paying much attention to when the next appointment is going to be. As I walked to the elevator it hit me. The next appointment is 8 weeks away! Needless to say I was stunned.

I do have that test this week and I have every extend to into alternative forms of treatment. I approach this issue with a long time doctor friend several months and hos comment was ” the chinese have been doing this for over many years and they have gotten good results.” I am real tempted to tell my pcp and her np if they want to use me as somewhat as a guinea pig that would be ok. The thing is what if when I see that other doctor in several weeks and basically kicks the can down the street again? I know what i don’t want and I will make that perfectly clear.

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