Does There Come A Time In Your Life That You Are Willing To Roll The Dice On Everything?

We all face challenges in life and frankly most of them are mundane but then there are times that you have a question to ask yourself? That question is as follows. Are you prepared to roll the dice on everything you have and that matters in your life? I am talking about being all in and the potential ramifications that come with that roll of the dice. I face that decision in the next few days and as of now I am not sure as to what I will do. In the end the decision will based on a number of factors such as what my wife thinks etc… If I am wrong the rest of my life could be pretty much over. I go back and forth and in ways that is not really me. Normally I make these kinds of decisions and move on. There are so many complicating factors in this and these are the times I wish I still had my dad alive. His birthday is coming up pretty soon and that in ways does give me clarity as to what he might think is best? By nature I am not gambling man . I don’t play the lottery and the like. Any gambling I have done is your typical penny poker game. The truth is the lotteries are a scam that have allowed state governments an easy way out on funding things like education. Once this decision is made it’s full speed ahead with no looking back and that in ways the way it should be in the end.

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