Tall Women Face Special Challenges

Being a tall man I on some level can understand the struggles that tall women face in today’s culture but on the other hand I don’t have a clue. The reality for tall women is when they walk into a room the dynamics change. Of course it has nothing to do with the woman they are inside absolutely nothing! When I hear a tall woman referred to as an ” amazon” I want to reach out and smack someone in the face. In a culture that emphasizes the smaller the better these women face challenges just because of their DNA which of course they had no control over whatsoever. In my dating days ( around the stone age) I dated women of all shapes and sizes. The truth is after an initial attraction it came down to whether were meant to be together or not. Of course this whole dating thing is a gamble to say the least. So what can be done to help these women? The first thing is men you need to understand that she is special in her own unique way. For many men they have this thing about being able to lay their head on a tall women’s chest. Her chest is her private property and she has the right to decide who is allowed to lay their head on it and that is certainly not you. Another thing is just don’t assume that since she is tall that she is comfortable with reaching for things that are up high. For many tall women that can make them feel uncomfortable. I know as a tall man sometimes I don’t always feel comfortable with doing those things.

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