Severe Pain Can Cause You To Do Dumb Things

We all suffering from physical pain of different varieties from time to time and as we age pain becomes your best friend. Not really a friend but just a way of life. I am someone who has an extremely high tolerance of pain. Now my pain has reached a whole new level and it has the potential to turn into something that could cause that thing we have tried to avoid for decades to become a reality. That reality is a wheelchair. When I was first hurt decades ago the goal was to keep me out of that wheelchair before the age of 45. Through a lot of hard work and just never compromising on the lessons I was taught when I first got hurt I have been fortunate to have avoided that wheelchair. I also am someone who has little patience for people who whine about how much pain they are in and how the world cares! I have been in severe physical pain for nearly 30 years and life goes on. The only way to make me totally pain free is to drug me up with things that I will never do. The thing about severe pain is there are times that you lose focus and do some really dumb stuff! Of course that does not let someone off the hook for their behavior. I get tired of people trying to justify their actions because of some health issue. If you did it then own up to it! Our culture has become way too soft and that is a fact. Are there ways to avoid that wheelchair? I don’t know but I am getting ready to find out!

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