Public Face Friend or Enemy?

At an early age we develop what is commonly referred to as a public face They are such a part of our lives we never give them a second thought! Are these things good or bad for people? Like most things in life it’s a mixed bag or good and bad. There are times your public face helps you get through the trivial times of daily life. Then if you suffer from deep depression or even suicidal thoughts you are great at putting on your public face. In that lies a major problem. These ” experts” who come along with their wisdom after something bad has happened talk about the “signs” that were there. As someone who has fought these battles for over 5 decades putting on a public face is what we do! I can recall sitting in church board meetings and wondering if I was going to make it home without hurting myself. No one in that room had any idea to which I was dealing. Public faces are like that ” fake” smile women give to men as they pass by each other. We all know the one and both sexes know it is coming.

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