Yard Sales Beware

With it being yard sale time it’s important to understand about the 2 kinds of yard sales. The first of these are those people who want to get back what they paid for an item. Which is why you don’t want to deal with these folks. Why should you bail someone out because they did something stupid? Then there are those people who just want to get rid of their stuff.

My approach goes like this that for me has worked for years. When I walk up to a sale I just listen to the people who are conducting the sale. If you detect they are trying to recoup what they lost just walk away but if they are will to deal then see what kind of deal they are willing to make.

Another thing I do is take a set amount with me to spend on these sales and nothing more.

If you would come across that any thing that someone claims for the Confederacy just walk away and the reason is pretty simple. Like most conquering armies the union soldiers destroyed everything they could. Another thing about anything that is claimed to be an antique just look at what kinds of screws were used. If they are modern screws then they are fake. The modern screws didn’t come along until after the industrial revolution.

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