How Bad Do You Want Something?

There are times when people say that they want something so badly they can taste it. Then life throws you something so difficult that your first instinct is often to just walk away and those are the times that you have a decision to make That decision is based on how bad do you truly want to achieve your goal no matter what it takes? For many that is where they hit the emotional brick wall. They start to listen to others and they simply let their dreams fade away.

If you truly want something bad enough you will plow ahead no matter what you have to do! If that means late nights of little sleep or nights with no sleep so be it. It requires an almost a diabolical quest that NBA legend Michael Jordan probably said it best when he lamented that with all of his success he had missed well over 8,000 shots. He simply hated to lose more than he enjoyed winning.

Today the world hit me with something I never expected, I had my pity party for abit then that passed! Giving up is not an option under no circumstances. It comes down to the fact I am willing to pay the price!

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