True Mental Health Issues and Then There Is Everyone Else

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As someone who has fought these mental health issues for over 5 decades there are some basic observations. There are 2 kinds of people with mental illness. The first group of people are those who have things like schizophrenia and those people deserve all the attention and help we can give them. Then there is everyone else! Things have changed so much over the decades because when I started this fight back then these types of things were never discussed. At the time I didn’t realize what the struggles were but now I do. Those were such different times and young people today have no idea how much things have changed.

One of the things that happens through the years is the issue of labeling people seems to never want to change. The current one is PTSD. Over time something else will come along. Very often these labels are used as churches. Just because you have been told you have something doesn’t mean you have the right to be a jerk towards others. It just doesn’t and never will. I hear this stuff ” you don’t understand?” all the time and frankly it wears thin over time. Folks just need to grow up and stop whining about how tough they have life. Life is not always fair and that can be a painful lesson to learn. So if you have a true mental illness you needed to get help yesterday. For the rest of you folks take a deep breath and realize that your selfishness is only hurting the ones who really do need the help!

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