Encouragement To Others

In a world that seems to spinning out of control like never before there seems to be a strange isolation that is taking place. With all of our instant availability untold millions feel like there is the battle of life all alone. The reality is they are not but sometimes it’s hard to see the forest from the trees. Always keep in mind that when you interact with another person you have no idea as to what is going on on their lives. I know of a current situation in which a women is dealing with serious health issues concerning her mother. In the world of baby boomers that is nothing new but for her it is and for that she needs all the encouragement that can be given to her. There is this saying ” God made the word “I” the smallest word in the dictionary for a reason”. No matter how successful you may think you are keep in mind that somewhere in that process there were probably some tough times and someone reached out to encourage you and support you. It would have been easy to not get involved but they decided that they would. Life is not a race to see who gets the most stuff. It’s about how many people you can help along the way.

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