Women And Home Improvement Stores

Home improvement stores see a woman walk in to their stores and they see a big STUPID sign on their foreheads! It just outrages me that there is this broad assumption that women have no idea as to what they need to fix things. That is simply not the case and along with that they feel men know everything ! Neither is the truth. I have been doing maintenance for over 4 decades now and most home repairs are not that complicated. It is important to understand that employees at these stores are not trained properly and that has nothing to do with their sex. There are times I just want to walk up to a woman and say ” what are you trying to fix?” I have seen employees give women advice that is so off base I just want to scream. Having spent years in apartment and condominium maintenance you learn ways to fix things and not go broke in the process. One of my pet peeves in all of this are these classes they provide. Those classes are designed to guide you to buy their stuff whether you need it or not. So ladies some advice on finding things. On your phone download the apps. for Home Depot and Lowes,type in what you are looking for and that will give you the isle and bay that the item is located at normally. The is a caveat to that. They very often have the same item in 2 or 3 places within the store. Another thing you can do is take the part you need with you. Good Luck!

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