Married Men’s Survival Guide List

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For all of the married men out there I have put together a marriage survival guide based on over the last 2 decades.

1.) Yes dear needs to be the 2 most important words in your life.

2.) The honey do list never ends so just get used to it.

3.) You never stand between your wife and her hairdresser because that is a battle you will never win,

4.) If you are ever in a place and your wife walks in and you openly and honestly can’t explain why you are there then you have no business being there!

5.) There will those days when you look at your and wonder what where you thinking when you married this woman? ( Keep in mind she has the same thoughts about you!)

6,) Do your best to never embarrass her in public.

9.) She has to know when it is all said and done she has to know that you always have her back. If you are not willing to have her back then who would you have it for?

10.) Face the biggest fear that all married men have and that is what would life be without her? Trust me that is the scariest.

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