Clear Skies Ahead

I know for many as a new week starts they are dreading what they think is going to be a very troublesome week. The fact is you really don’t know what the week will turn out to be and that is what makes life interesting. Sure there are things that you know will be painful but you will get through it. As humans we build up all of these preconceived notions and play out certain scenarios that never happen. Here is an example for you.

We lost my father over a decade ago and my older brother and I had not spoken in years. I had been advised that if he showed up at the funeral home I should go try and make peace with him. He did show up so I walked up to him and said ” I know we have had our differences through the years and isn’t it time to move past this stuff?” his response ” it is what it is”. His response was unexpected but I had made the effort to make peace and we haven’t spoken since.

Even through all of that there were clear skies ahead and life is like that and so much is a mindset that you will get through the tough times.

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