Core Values In Life?

As I go through life it continues to amaze me how many people go through life without any core values. They just float through life like a leaf in the fall going whichever way the wind blows. Then they wonder why they struggle when things get tough? For me there are certain lines I just won’t cross and to ask me to cross those is just a waste of time. I suspect it goes back to the way they were raised. Trust me my family had its share of drama and still does but it’s amazing how much less there is when you are several hundred miles apart! It’s also rather funny when children who are raised in the same house have totally different perspectives on how they were raised. Do core values change with time and perspective ? I’m not so sure. Are my core values different now as compared to decades ago? I think my understanding of what they are and how valuable they are have changed over time. For me there is a better understanding of the lessons my parents taught me by instruction or just by observation. For those of us who have had ( or have) parents like that you learn to appreciate them more and more.

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