Church Kids 5 Decades Later

The title of this post may lead some of you to think it has something to do with some of the horrific acts by certain leaders of major denominations. It doesn’t. This has to do with those of us that literally grew up in church. Sometimes we are referred to as church kids.

Recently I had a long talk with an elderly woman about the pain I feel about the non support from the church that my wife first attended over 20 years ago. When we first started this battle with her health there was all this talk about how people from church would be there for us. Well that ship sailed over 2 years ago. I have felt for sometime that if people at church have issues with me then that’s fine. I am a big boy but don’t take it out on my wife. I would feel the same way if it had happened to someone else. This lack of support has made an already difficult situation worse. I can’t recall the last time someone called to ask about her. Church kids we had many blessings and church was such a vital part of our lives. The kicker is when you truly need a church to be there for you they became like ghost and that is truly painful.

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